DOUGH – Of John Goldschmidt – 1h34
With Jonathan Pryce, Jérôme Holder, Malachi Kirby, Daniel Caltagirone
Types : Drama
Nationalities : British, Hungarian

Nat is a Jewish baker struggling to keep his business alive. When his only worker quits, Nat hires his Muslim cleaning lady’s son, Ayyash as his apprentice, who is facing his own struggles in supporting his family. Ayyash involves himself in illicit activities to generate income for the household. Things take a turn when Ayyash accidently drops a little marijuana into the challah batter, and business at the bakery goes skyrocketing!

Restauration on the spot “Jack’s Potatoes” from 7h p.m.
(If it rains : Palais des Arts du Festival, Salle du Balneum)

Trailer ” Dough “

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